Tango Pink, Autumn!

Payment Options for one or multiple classes:                                               

One Class:

Sept. 08-10, 2017

Two Classes:

Package of (2) Sept. 8-10, 2017

Three & Four Classes:

Package of (3) & (4) courses Sept. 8-10, 2017

 Tango Pink Autumn:  for Men and Women Class Description!

9/08, Technique Friday for men and women, Tango/ Vals (7:30-9, 9-10:00 PM) w/ Analia & Mariana:

*Learn the vals timing and elegant dance sequences used for dancing Vals & Tango socially on the dance floor. 

*Followed by a guided practice session.

 9/09, Women technique Saturday (3- 4:30PM), Mariana Parma:

*Learn to develop strength of the feet, body awareness and balance. To create your own ornaments and more.

 9/09, Women technique Saturday  (4:30-6PM), Analia Centurion:

*Study walking technique: agility and pause control, traditional ornaments, pivot control in different positions. 

 9/10, Technique Sunday for Men and Women Tango/ Milonga (3:30-5PM), Analia & Mariana:

*Learn the Milonga timing and playful footwork patterns to dance to the Milonga Rhythm.

*This event is for Men and Women, instructed and guided by Mariana Parma & Analia Centurion

 tango teachers with 20 years of experience dancing and partnering with some of the leading male dancers in Tango.  Click on names for full bio.   

All seminars & pre-practice classes @: 

*Ripley Grier Studios, 520 8th Ave. NYC 10018 btwn 36st. & 37st.*