Argentine Tango Classes

4 week Cycles

6:30-8 PM

Classes will be 90 minutes, which includes the lesson and practice time.

Each class will focus on walking technique:

fluidity, agility, and musicality, 1ST cycle will be 

and introduction to turning sequences with paradas(pauses)

2ND cycle will focus on Turning cycles with sacadas(displacements).

*must have at least one year experience of Tango*

Oct. 29- Nov. 19

Turning sequences with Parradas(pauses)

Nov.26-  Dec. 17

Turning sequences with sacadas(displacements)

Sign up for one cyle or both!

New Space:

Tango Loft

82 West 3rd Street  buzzer #2 NYC

 Argentine Tango: 

 *Argentina Tango, Consists of 3 dances: Tango, Milonga, and Vals.  They all have similar step patterns but the rhythm of each is different.  Out of the three, Milonga and Vals, are danced faster, and are light happy dances.  

*Milonga has an Afro. based rhythm, called Candombe.  The Milonga dance is like a syncopated march, danced in a closes embrace. 

*Milonga and Vals class will focus on the musicality, rhythmic walking, and sequences.  Milonga classes combines Milonga Lisa and Traipse.

*Tango class will focus on partner connection, the "walk", and essential patterns that are useful for social dancing.

*Class requirement of at least six months of Tango experience is recommended to take the classes.  The classes are also great for advanced dancers who want to brush up on the Milonga and Tango technique.  The classes meet once a week for 4 weeks. The course is progressive, building on a particular sequence week to week. 




Salsa on 2  Intermediate/

Pre. Advanced: 


Must have strong command of (Level I) material, the basic footwork pattern and musicality, emphasizing on the second beat (offbeat/ break on “2”) in the music.  This class focuses on turn patterns and improvisational footwork (“shines”). The class meets once a week for 4 weeks. The course is progressive, building on a particular sequence week to week.  






Available for private instruction


specialized group classes:


Private Lessons are 1 hour long for up to 2 people.  Please schedule Private Lesson before purchasing by calling:  347- 528-7875.

A 24-hour Rescheduling Policy: You may reschedule a private lesson for another available time and/or day with 24-hour notice. No refunds will be given for Private Lessons purchased. Payment of 100% is due upon confirmed Private Lesson. *Student is responsible for the floor fee.


Specialized Group Classes, design the style of dance and length of the class with a group of 5 or more students. Great for corporate events, school groups, and visiting travelers who want to experience partner dancing in NYC. Please contact me to organize and schedule the class.  Special group rates apply.


To inquire about Private Lessons and Specialized Group Classes, please contact me at: or 347-528-7875